Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Long Time Coming!

Hello all you happy people!!

Long time, huh?

Guess what happened? Life, that is what happened. I do not mean in a bad way, either. Actually, the majority of my absence was actually a really good time for my family and I. My husband did get a job, we actually moved back closer to our family, and things really seemed to be looking up.

Anyone notice that the word "seemed" was in the past tense in that last paragraph?

Here we are, close to a year to the date of my last post, and this time neither the hubby nor I have a job. However, that is and easy fix and will be done soon. Granted, maybe not what we would love to do for the rest of our lives, but enough to pay the bills and that is the part that is important. Our long bout with unemployment last year did teach us a thing or two about the power of stretching a dollar, being happy with what you do have, and keeping faith that it will work out and not getting depressed.

Many in the family (mine and his) have been sick, anything from pneumonia to bone cancer. Good news- at the moment treatments are finished and we are all praying that the worst is now over.

For everything bad, there was always something good. So why did I stop writing?

It is confession time. No, nothing that I will have to go to jail for, I am not THAT crazy, but still there is something that I need to say. Somewhere along the line last year I stopped having my daily time with Christ. I kept my faith, and attended church regularly, but I stopped my daily nurturing of the relationship that I had with Christ. That is the real reason I believe that I stopped updating, God was not telling me anything because I was not listening to him.

Slowly I have felt my spirit moving, and not in the right direction. Or maybe it would make more sense to say that my spirit has been stagnant... not going backwards, but not moving forwards either. After finally figuring out what i was doing wrong, or in this case not doing right, it is now time for me to get back on track!

My dear little soon to be accountability partners, here is what I intend to do to get back on track. I am good with study groups and books, but I have never quite got the hand of self study without them to guide me. I know nothing of the ancient languages, or enough about the cultures, and a lot of times you need that background info to really dissect passages and get everything out of them that you can.

I can, however, read Proverbs!

So beginning tonight (mainly because, let's face it, if I put it off until "tomorrow" it will never happen) I will begin reading the Proverbs before I go to bed. The cool thing about Proverbs is that they are not really that long, and there are 31 of them, one for each day. Since today is the 20th, I will read chapter 20 tonight.

This will not be the extent of my studies. I have always felt my absolute best when I was deep in a study of God's word, and have just recently realized how I feel my life has been floundering around since I stopped daily searching God's word. But this is my step in the right direction.

Anyone want to take this step with me?

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