Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm not me, I am a Princess

The other day I called my youngest daughter (Boo) to me by her name. She answered with, "Mom, I am not Boo. I am Princess Boo. See my costume and my crown?" She was, in fact, wearing a Snow White costume. Bad mommy for me to not realize that her personality had changed along with her wardrobe....

What exactly does it mean to be "me"? To be oneself? Although it seems a very simple, if not rhetorical, question, digging deeper it means so much more than that.

Have you ever considered how many different "faces" we put on each day? There are so many: the spouse, the parent, the child, the employee, the employer, the customer... the list can go on and on.

When troubles arise in our lives, we may handle it in different ways depending on what "face" we are wearing at the time.

As Christians, something else needs to be there- something so strong and so much a part of us that it is in our character no matter which face we are wearing at the time. Christian-- our love of God needs to permeate us to the point that it is the underlying foundation of all that we are and do.

Our christian character should be apparent no matter our circumstances-- whether we are watching our child on the ball field, asked to do something at work, whether a customer is being rude to us, or if your mother in law says she hates your cooking in front of a house full of guests. (That must be for you guys, my maw-in-law loves me. Maybe not my cooking... but me enough not to do that) :o)

God's love needs to shine through us ALL the time, no matter what face we are wearing, even if you happen to be a Princess.

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