Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Horses, Teddy Bears and Stuffed Dogs, OH MY!

Ok... so I made the mistake of going back to what we call the "girls'" end of the house. Yep, as sad as it may seem pretty much everything past the hallway belongs to the two lovable little urchins in my life, with maybe the exception of the hallway bathroom. Then again, the toilet seat and step stool in there seem to keep most adults except for well worn grandparents out of it. Goodness knows my brother makes an awful face if he has to move the bio hazard of a potty seat....

This weekend is Taterbug's birthday. Having survived her tonsil surgery, she is hoping to be well enough to choke down some cake this weekend with whatever friends can make it here, as well as probably every living relative she has. (Our family loves us!).

This brings me to my new dilemma... the black abyss known as the playroom... (insert scary "ooohhhh" sound here).

Here is the gist of it. The room is too small for a lot, and we had to use the whole closet for our new air conditioning/heating unit, so it became the playroom. Everything that does not fit in the girls' bedrooms finds itself cast into this place. Now, not only with taterbug's birthday looming, but Boo's birthday not only a month following, and then CHRISTMAS-- yes people, some things will have to go.

It is OZ, and unfortunately I have to be the Wicked Witch that tells Dorothy and Toto that they have to part with some of the stuff they have managed to collect.

The hardest part of this for me? I AM A HUGE PACK RAT!!  That is right. I will stand up and admit it and pay attention for at least a few of the 12 steps to freedom before my mind begins to wander... what was I talking about? Oh yeah... These poor girls learned it from the best. I keep pieces of paper that I am pretty sure I will never need again, books and magazines that I may look through one day, and my filing system consists of piles-- lots and lots of piles.

I'm glad that my hubby is organized, or else we would probably live in a paper pile and plush toy prison.

But I don't like it too well when he goes through my stuff.

So it is time to adopt a new attitude. One where we do not focus on the material things, or we at least take care of the things that we do need to have. Time to purge the rooms and toy boxes to make room for the next wave that will come in this season.

My biggest solace in this is that we will be having a yard sale, and what we do not sale will go to the Salvation Army. Most of these toys are in great condition, some have never been played with. If one kid gets to have fun with something they might not have otherwise, then it is worth all of the yellow bricks in the road to me.

Hey, maybe I'll get to keep those cool striped socks that go so well with those ruby slippers.

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  1. I love you and all of your piles of "important" stuff....