Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Mother Hubbard

Happy Early Halloween my peeps! Ok, don't call me out on that one, I am well aware that I am WAY too old to be using the word "peeps".... but I like the way it sounds, so I use it anyway. Grr... aren't I a rebel?

Tonight my church is having Trunk or Treat. For a lot of families it is a nice, safe alternative to going up to strangers houses and trick or treating in the dark.  We still go on Halloween, but that is only to the families' houses so that they can take pictures of the girls, "ooh" and "aah" over them, and then give them a bucket load of candy that somehow I believe I wind up eating most of.

Our theme tonight is "Once upon a time".  I am sure there will be plenty of people there with wonderful ideas of how to dress and a game they can do with the kiddos.

As for me, I am going to be Old Mother Hubbard.

Yep, that old lady that didn't have food for her dog, that is going to be me. I think I'm going to sit in a rocking chair covered up by a blanket, and have a pail for kids to toss dog treats into to feed my ceramic Scooby Doo. And yes, it is mine, most people think it is my kids but my in laws got it for me 3 years before I even had kids, because they love me and are aware of my Scooby addiction.

I have already looked up this rhyme on the internet, because lets face it, that was a long time ago and I had no idea how the words actually went. And I am now printing off dog coloring pages for the girls to color to put on my poster. Yep, free labor for the procrastinator. But hey, if it looks bad and people find out a kid did it, all of a sudden it is the cutest thing in the world!!

Bug and Boo are quite the little artists, I might add.

So whatever you are doing for this season, if anything, remember to do it in the spirit of Christ. Tonight we will have fun and fellowship with some of our wonderful church family. Life is good.

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