Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Poem

Happy Easter! This is a short poem I wrote several years ago. I was trying to capture the love, the pain, the...everything that I feel about Easter and try to imagine what Jesus must have felt at the same time. We will never know exactly how much love; pure, honest love, that this act of grace and mercy made God feel. We can understand to the best of our human ability, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Thank God that He saved us! To come up with a plan for our salvation was wonderful. Then to follow through on it, for us, especially when it was this physically and heartbreakingly painful? Like I said, our human minds will never fully comprehend the level of love that he has for us.

Easter's Worth

Crucified on the cross
nailed down for our sins
a beaten body
hung upon a tree

We wonder, how could he be powerful?
dying as a common thief
the power that raised the dead
would not stop his own death

But his CHOICE is the difference
it is not that he did not HAVE the power
he simply chose not to use it
this is the most unselfish act ever

Human minds focus on the physical pain
a most horrific way to die
Usually we dwell on this
Was his cry of agony due to the nails?

No, sin was thrust upon the sinless
and because of this, he was separated
violently torn apart from God himself
The Holy had to turn his face from him

Jesus chose not to save himself-
not to call on angels or just walk down,
and let himself die, excruciatingly.
darkness before the light to come

Then He rose
three days later, he rose!
would it have been so beautiful
if the death had not been as horrible?

No one raised him up
He had the power, He raised himself
and unlike Lazarus, Jesus did not die again
no, He raised up forever

Death is conquered!
the creation can reach the creator once more
through a bridge made of the wood of the cross
and the eternal light of Jesus' resurrection

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