Monday, April 25, 2011

Poem: Sins in the Sand

I have a few ideas for my next post bouncing around in my head like a 3 year old that ate too much Easter chocolate. However, I've yet to round them up yet and turn them into anything that makes a lot of sense at the moment.

Because of that, and my recent dislike of Google sites (I could probably do a whole blog entry just on what, but I really doubt anyone wants to hear me rant that much), I decided to post another one of my poems today. It lets me update, while still planning how to capture my thoughts and tame them into coherent sentences.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter! Let us remember not to let the "high" of the season wear off. God's love for us is as great today as it was yesterday!

Sins in the Sand

As ocean tides erase the sand
my sins are gone by God's hand
the Son of God, healer, my friend
He bled and died, yet rose again

Born to overthrow death's victory
So we could be born again, in thee
Eternally praising God the King
Never to face sin's eternal sting

Let the mercy waves come wash me clean
as for Christ I prepare to sing
As closer to Christ I grow and mature
let fewer sins mark my shore

and while I live let me tell
the ONLY way to be saved from hell
Ask Christ to come into your life and receive
His gift that is free to all who believe

God wants to use his loving hand
To rid the world of their sins in the sand

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