Monday, April 25, 2011

Poem: Storm

Okay... I promise this is the last poem that I will post... well, for a few months at least. I was going through my other website and I couldn't see this poem and not post it; this is actually my favorite out of all the ones I have ever written.

In case you could not tell, it was inspired by the song Praise you in this Storm, by Casting Crowns. If you haven't listened to it... LISTEN!


The weather of the world
Swarms and storms around me
like walking on the beach
next to a toiling, troubled sea

the angry waves of resentment
crash upon the shore
capped with foams of selfishness
leaving my skin sore

everyday has new worries
pelting my skin with hail
and winds of trouble and contempt
through the air assail

Left to my own devices
I could never beat this rain
I would be swallowed in it
and forever live in pain

I am not alone on my journey
Jesus is my guiding light
I walk close to my father
and he guides me through the night

my father doesn't promise
a life of eternal ease
even though we walk together
there is still trouble on the seas

if I wander far away
and lose sight of my Lord
the storm angrily lashes out
and I am caught once more

but when I focus on my Father
and let Jesus take the lead
I still walk through the storm
But He helps my every need

He walks close with me
through every single burden
I lean my life upon him
HE is my salvation

The storm doesn't stop
the sea continually rages
But with Him I handle them all
with Jesus... the Rock of Ages

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